12 Nov
Hillcrest is the first in KZN to boast a plastic-free grocer.
The Rhubee’s team.
07 Nov
A few years ago a group of friends got together a couple of times a week to make interesting treats that didn’t contain sugar.
12 Sep
The charming La Verdure cafe opened its doors in Gillitts two years ago, and has grown phenomenally since then.
Your plate is your canvas
19 Jul
1000 Hills Chef School is about more than just food – it offers students a home away from home and uplifts unemployed youth through...
Once a month the 1000 Hills Chef School hosts a gourmet evening, featuring a seven-course meal paired with wines from a South African estate
03 Jul
Gourmet Evenings To Tantalise Your Tastebuds
13 Dec
If Christmas wouldn't be the same for you without a beautiful glazed gammon, give Georgie's a try this year - 100% South African, 100%...
06 Dec
By George … What a perfectly peculiar Hendrick’s Gin punch! The perfect tipple for those balmy East Coast summer afternoons.
30 Nov
After years of relative quiet on the local restaurant scene, the Upper Highway has seen a burst of activity, with exciting new additions, including...
A new spin on housing
31 Oct
After years of planning, a new range of more accessible property offerings, like apartments, have been launched in Hillcrest
13 Jul
Renowned chef Jackie Cameron shares her favourite recipes with us through her award-winning books, which deserve a spot in every kitchen collection.