Driving Generations
31 Mar
It’s big, it’s practical and it’s fun to drive, which is pretty well what everyone loved about the Kombi in the first place, says...
08 Jun
The first vehicles began using the southbound and northbound ramps leading onto the N2 at the Umgeni Road Interchange in Durban on June 4.
25 May
Gooderson Drakensberg Gardens Golf and Spa Resort will be the venue for a great new biking event in July – the inaugural Duma Rally!
05 May
A death-defying dog, a very classy restaurant in a 12-house village, and a famous international artist who doubles as a tour guide. Gavin Foster...
25 Feb
Looking to buy or sell a car privately? Aston Financial Services offer a fantastic solution for vehicle finance, all in secure environment.
The new Land Rover Discovery Sport
16 Feb
We get behind the wheel of some of this year's hottest new car launches, including the Land Rover Discovery Sport, Ford Mustang and Peugot...
23 Dec
The Mercedes Benz CLS 63 S-Model is one slick package, writes Peta Lee.
02 Dec
If you have a product that needs a battery or any accessory related to your battery-powered products, then you are sure to find it...
19 Nov
David Wightman puts his superb new Subaru Forester through its paces while visiting a magnificent beach venue at Ponta D’Ouro.
02 Jun
Peta Lee takes us behind the wheel of the impressive Infiniti XC70 for a look at what this luxury SUV has to offer