10 Sep

Travels In The South – A History of South African Roads

Malcolm Mitchell had the idea of writing a “definite history of roads in South Africa” book for a while. “It was prompted by a remark by my previous boss, Ed Massey, who said it’s important for people to write down their lifetime professional experiences for the next generation before they die and the information is lost,” says Malcolm.

With 60 years’ experience in the field, he felt that he might play some part in putting down on paper the background that he had gained. “I have an abiding interest in history, and sincerely believe that a knowledge of the past provides a lodestone for the future.”

Having finished writing the book, Malcolm wasn’t sure how to go about getting it published. But Brian Downie offered to help him transform his written words into an illustrated book, and that’s how it all fell into place.

“My hopes for the book and those whom it reaches in their professional activities, is that the experience of the past role players in the roads profession will not be lost, and that what has gone before will be instrumental in building future developments in the roads field. For the non-roads engineers, especially the general public, I hope it will give them a glimpse of what is involved in building a road network – which many people take for granted.”

Malcolm Mitchell: 083 460 0353, mally2@vodamail.co.za;

Brian Downie: 082 892 7082, downie.brian@gmail.com

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