08 May

Durbanites Gordon McTavish, Meegan Rourke, Andrew McGill and Louise Gans – aka team ʻShake and Bakeʼ – are gearing up for an epic 7 000km journey across 6 African countries over 17 days. Itʼs the first time all four will be crossing the border into South Africaʼs back yard…

Photos by Gareth Bargate

“Itʼs always been a dream of mine to see the rest of this beautiful continent we call home. I think the reason it hasnʼt happened until now was that I was instinctively waiting for an epic adventure like this to do it,” says Meegan, Creative Director and team ʻJournoʼ.

The Put Foot Rally is Africaʼs first social adventure rally. On 20 June 2012, more than 60 vehicles (and around 240 people) will set off on the open road, following the ʻsuggested routeʼ via Etosha in Namibia, Zambiaʼs Victoria Falls, Kariba Dam in Zimbabwe and Lake Malawi, to the finish line in Mozambique.

“I get to see places I have been dreaming about since I was a child whilst travelling with good friends – all for the greater good of our beautiful region, so forgive me if I look a little smug in the trip photos,” says Andrew, Economic Development Consultant and team ʻNavigatorʼ.

Meegan, Andrew, Gordon and Louise plot their route

The Rally ʻvibeʼ is for participants to get off the beaten track and take the road less travelled. Teams are responsible for their own vehicles and route – thereʼs no rescue crew on standby. Put Foot Rally HQ calls it the “spirit of the unknown”.

“Adventure is what the Put Foot Rally is all about – experiencing new places and people. Why stick to the beaten track if there’s some where else more exciting?” Louise, Brands Accountant and team ʻFixerʼ

The Rally is also a fundraising initiative for two deserving charities – Project Rhino and the Put Foot Foundation, which provides shoes to underprivileged children.

After signing on midway through 2011, the Rally was just a glimmer in this teamʼs eye, but with the countdown to the start in mere double digits, the pressure is on to raise R50,000 for these two deserving causes. Andrew, Louise, Gordon and Meegan are encouraging people to ʻrallyʼ around them in support of Project Rhino and the Put Foot Foundation.

Every Rand they raise will go directly to the charities, and, in the words of Gordon: “On top of doing something we love, weʼll be helping to protect a piece of Africa.”

“The chance to raise funds for such deserving causes is just the cherry on the top. What an amazing feeling itʼs going to be, leaving each point along our route knowing that we helped to make a difference in the lives of those children, and helped to preserve the rhinos for the next generation of adventurers to see on their own journeys through Africa. Weʼre really hoping that people will get involved with us to make this happen!” – Meegan

You can follow Team Shake and Bake and donate to their cause at www.shakebakecrew.co.za

For more information, visit www.putfootrally.com  
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