21 Apr

JAG Security and BeSecure provide an innovative approach to home security that empowers residents in freestanding communities

Historically, home owners have worked independently to secure their freestanding properties. However, today, more and more communities are realising the value of building sustainable associations and community-centric solutions, with the economies of scale these bring.

Allan van Rooyen, MD of Kloof-based JAG Security explains: “Times have changed. The traditional armed response and guarding model needed to be modified to meet the demands of the new security challenges we are seeing, and to suit a more aware and active home owner.”

Information breeds intelligence and intelligence empowers communities. This is the central theme to the new model established by JAG Security and BeSecure, a Durban-based company highly active in the retirement and lifestyle estate market.

Van Rooyen continues: “The culture of fear needs to be broken and we need to usher in a new phase of empowerment. We have been working closely with eThekwini Municipality to help communities make best use of the available by-laws and begin the process of setting up Special Rates Areas (SRAs), where possible. JAG now offers a full solution where we help formalise the communities, build their SRA submission and design their short, medium and long-term security plans, making best use of technology, manpower and community engagement. It has been very exciting to see what is possible when the discussion changes from defensive to pro-active.

“Instant messaging platforms, private patrollers and well-structured home owner associations have delivered a heightened level of awareness and enhanced abilities to the communities we serve. With cutting-edge technology from BeSecure, we are able to equip the community and our in-field guards and armed response vehicles with information that empowers them to be perform better in real-time.”

BeSecure designs and manufactures narrow band wireless solutions and personal, home monitoring and perimeter detection devices that address the common area challenges associated with large, non-walled communities. Their cloud-based solution addresses the often-overlooked need to build constructive communication between residents, their trustees and the service providers employed to protect them.

There are countless success stories of “the power of many” and it could be that this is the start of an exciting turning point for free-standing home communities. The impact on home prices in formalised, controlled neighbourhoods is untested at this time. However, every suggestion is that the outcome will exceed expectations. Is your community ready to be empowered?

031 767 5848   allan@jagsecurity.co.za 

www.jagsecurity.co.za; www.besecure.co.za

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