13 Jun

This years ECR House and Garden Show presents a forest of new home innovations to refresh your space, inside and out, including a brand new move in the quest to go green.

African Green Revolution (AGR) presents the African Green Revolution House, a sophisticated new low cost home made exclusively from recycled products. The one room structure is crafted from re-purposed plastic, including two litre plastic bottles for bricks and plastic bottle lids for flooring.

The house is the cornerstone of the African Green Revolution initiative, spearheaded by Michelle Markram from MSQ Interiors.

“We are focusing on providing sustainable homes to displaced families currently living in informal settlements,” said Markram. ‘We’ve used solid waste to form the house’s key building structures. In this way we have the ability to re-purpose tons of rubbish, thereby reducing the amount sent to landfills and environmental impact in general.’

With an integrated team of professional development consultants that include specialist town-planners, engineers, and environmental and legal consultants, AGR are taking the fight to waste as well as providing stylish and sustainable living solutions.

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