12 May
ABC Baby Care

Domestic staff make an important contribution to so many homes, often becoming an invaluable part of the family. Have you considered how you could empower your housekeeper or gardener to better perform their duties? Here are just a few examples of the courses available locally.

MERYL’S SCHOOL OF COOKING offers eight different domestic workers courses, each comprising four sessions. Seven of the courses contain family type meals, some simple puddings and baked items, a soup or two and a vegetarian meal, with side salads and vegetables to accompany the meals; while one course offers roasts, curries and entertaining recipes. The sessions take place once a week from 8.30am to 11am, and each participant receives the recipes cooked, as well as a certificate at the end of each course.

The courses also include education in hygiene and time management, as well as how to put together a balanced meal.

031 764 6577   083 794 6577



HIRSCH’S HILLCREST DOMESTIC TRAINING COURSES cover a wide variety of topics and occasionally include a fun cooking class, as well as proper care and use of a selection of appliances, including vacuums, irons, kettles and stoves. Attendees are awarded a certificate, and each month a Domestic Worker of the Month is chosen, who wins a certificate and prize. Courses are free of charge, but booking is essential.


THE SCHOOL OF GARDEN DESIGN offers domestic gardener training to upskill gardeners, covering all the important aspects of gardening maintenance – how to make and use compost, understanding fertilisers, pruning, lawn care, plus using and caring for tools. Gardeners are also taught how to create sustainable gardens that will thrive. Instruction is in English and Zulu, and courses are once a month.

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ABC CHILDCARE TRAINING offers three different training courses: Nanny Training Courses cover all care, from stimulation to nutrition, basic first aid, safety and security, and come with a training manual, nanny diary and a certificate upon completion. Training is conducted in English and Zulu by a paediatric nursing sister.

CPR for nannies is offered as an optional session and accredited by the Resuscitation Council of South Africa.

CPR and first aid for parents/aupairs/teachers is also offered.

ABC Baby Care Training http://abcbabycare.co.za

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