05 Jul
Environmental Training Course

The aim of this wonderful course, organised by Hillcrest Conservancy and run by Ian Pattrick and George Victor, is to ensure that your garden complies with the Alien Plant Control Regulations, is a safe working environment and one which you are proud of and can enjoy.

Two courses were held recently; the first a lively group of nine, including a 71-year-old who happily shared his wonderful knowledge gained over years of gardening, while the second group of eight was from a local garden service.

The theoretical part of the course kicks off at the Springside Nature Reserve Kingfisher Centre, before the group is taken to see some alien plants in the reserve; their growth forms, habitat preference and eradication methods. Back at the centre herbicides and the various application methods is explained, and later practical work such as ring barking, frilling, cut stumping, foliar application and spraying takes place. The course ends with safety in the workplace, care of garden tools and equipment, and advice on how one can become the best gardener possible. Well-earned certificates are presented to the candidates at the end.

*New course dates are not yet released, but those interested can contact Beryl on hillcrestconservancy@gmail.com

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  1. Dianne Khumalo says:

    Hi I would like to attend the course and would like to enquire about dates

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