01 Apr
The team from Nexia Levitt Kirson.

Samantha Cheesman’s appointment as partner, with Jono and David Hotz, is set to take Nexia Levitt Kirson (NLK) to new heights


David Hotz started his own accounting practice with three clients and two staff members in 1989. From humble beginnings, the business now has a staff complement of 60. “We are currently focused on implementing technology in our business to improve efficiencies to ensure we work smarter and not necessarily harder,” says Jono Hotz – David’s son. “Sam has been instrumental in driving these advances.”

Sam joined the team in March last year, and has in her short time with NLK has taken her position by the horns. “We are very excited to welcome Sam as a partner as she has been such a good fit in our team, and will continue to push us to keep developing and improving the business in all aspects,” says Jono, who adds that NLK pride themselves in their purpose to help entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses. “We ensure that we always have two senior staff members who know our clients – so that if one is unavailable or is hit by a bus, the other is able to continue, without having to familiarise themselves first.”

Sam obtained her Bachelor of Accounting Science degree and thereafter her Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Accounting whilst serving articles at PKF Durban. “I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2008 and went to work in London at PKF UK LLP as their Training Manager in the technical department,” says Sam – who returned to Durban in 2012 and worked as financial manager for a listed electrical wholesaler, before joining an audit firm three years later as the practice manager. “I have experience in both practice and commerce, which helps me understand our clients perspective and the regulatory side of the business,” says Sam. “Growing up I was always inspired by strong, independent women and by following this career choice I knew it would give me the financial freedom to always be able to stand on my own two feet. I love business and am passionate about building relationships with my clients.”

Sam lives in Hillcrest with her husband, also a Chartered Accountant, and their two children. “Becoming a partner has always been a dream of mine and a goal I have been striving towards for many years. I could not have asked for two better partners to be taking this journey with. Both David and Jono have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and together we complement each other to be able to take NLK forward into its next chapter.”

“It is very exciting to see what the future holds for the business and how it will change in the next few years,” says Jono. “The new generation has been given the reins to run it, which is encouraging as it shows that David has faith in his junior partners.”


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