10 Aug

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife have received reports from the Ballito area, Salmon Bay, Sheffield, Tinley Manor, Richards Bay and Clansthal (KZN South Coast) of Puffer Fish washing ashore. Presumably, there has been a rapid change in water temperature and this may be the reason that they are washing ashore.

 Members of the public have been asked to handle these fish with care. They can lead to poisoning of pets who consume them. 

 Parents are asked to be vigilant of their children on the beach and ensure that they do not handle any puffer fish. Any individual puffer fish encountered are preferably to be buried half a metre below the ground so that dogs don’t dig them back up again. Collections or burials are to be done strictly with gloves on to avoid any contact with the skin. Ezemvelo wishes to thank Coastwatch KZN for their assistance with burying the fish found on the beach around Ballito.

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