14 Dec
Lynne McMaster

If dressing up is most little girls’ dream then Lynne McMaster hasn’t ever grown up and, considering she styled our fabulous festive fashion shoot, we’re eternally grateful, writes Debbie Reynolds


My loves from a young age have always been people, clothes, fabrics and fashion, so it made perfect sense to combine all of them into my craft and profession,” says image consultant, stylist and speaker Lynne McMaster.

She says she was just 18 months old when she knew her life purpose was in clothing.

“I was born with a forty percent hearing loss in my right ear and didn’t hear my mom when she asked where the kitten was,” says Lynne. “I replied that I had not seen the cotton and from that day on the cat was known as Cotton.

“I have memories of us in a game reserve when I was six and my sister’s photo was of her with a cheetah cub. Mine was with a patent orange handbag and my pearls – no cub in sight.”

After majoring in clothing at DUT, she did an image consultant course and never looked back. Combined with her experience as a divisional training manager at Woolworths, she set out to change people’s lives.

“I help people improve their appearance and correctly position themselves as a personal brand, especially with today’s huge social media influence. By helping them improve their self-confidence and finding their style, I save them time and money and ensure they reflect the best version of themselves.”

Her company, DRESS, offers individual wardrobe consultations, a one-on-one shopping service, group consultations, corporate workshops and fun “Shopping and the City” experiences.

What I’ve learnt from watching Lynne in action is that she makes the very fickle world of fashion more accessible and less confusing.

“We don’t need extensive wardrobes filled with the latest » trends,” she says.

“Having fewer more versatile clothes which suit you and work for your lifestyle actually gives you more choice. I love it when people realise they can be so much more than they ever anticipate. Seeing their body language change while their self-confidence grows really rocks my world.”

She says while people think using an image consultant is a luxury, it saves time and money and streamlines their lives.

“Instead of trawling the shops for hours and not finding anything you like, a four-hour shopping consultation can set you up for long-term success.”

When Lynne’s not helping other people be the best they can be, she loves taking a little time out at her Musgrave home and absolutely “adores” babysitting her best friend’s two dogs and two cats.

For our festive fashion spread she chose two “real” women to show off the season’s trends, which include kimonos, Japanese-inspired florals, wrap dresses, sunset, neon and nude colours – all very feminine and showing off natural curvy shapes.

Ntokozo is an events co-ordinator and mother of one, and Tina is a businesswoman and mother of two. Lynne took them shopping at Gateway, Flanders Mall and the Pavilion and came up with five different looks to take you from a casual summer lunch or a sophisticated dinner to an elegant soirée or a glitzy cocktail party.


Styling Lynne McMaster from DRESS

Styling assistant Riette du Plessis

Make-up and hair Claudette Lingenfelder from Beauty Beyond by Claudette

Pictures Tanya Taylor from Tanya Taylor

Art and Photography 

Unison Flanders Mall

Zara and Kathrin Kidger Gateway

Carol Clark Designs Mackeurtan Avenue, Durban North

Lauren Ginn Accessories online at laurenginn.co.za

Location Teremok Marine Boutique Lodge and Spa

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