14 Nov

Hillcrest High School (HHS), is one of the only schools in the Highway area that offers German as a 3rd Additional Language and as such, we such are privileged to be acknowledged by various German institutions.  German teachers and pupils are regularly invited to participate in competitions, summer camps, seminars and training courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In German classes, we add value to lessons by utilising the platform, “Moodle” that was introduced to HHS. By talking on a forum or chat regarding educational topics, HHS learners cannot only communicate to each other about school work / project work from home, but also to learners taking German as an additional language all over the world. Great international projects can be done in future as we have tried out this year.

This year we registered for the G20 Global Classroom Project, via the platform <http://www.global-classroom.de/www.global-classroom.de . Over 700 high school students from around the world participated in the G20 Global Classroom. We were the only school from the African continent and South Africa, learning about the issues that drive the G20’s work. We are looking forward to apply our newly gained knowledge in the 2018 G20 Global Classroom Project.

To take German as a subject has many advantages. More and more German companies prefer to appoint (if they have a selection) candidates who can communicate in German and has German as a subject on their matric certificates.

On the Hillcrest High School Exchange Programme itself, The German Exchange Programme at HHS is running for its 11th year. Although the regulations for visa applications have become very strict, we were still able to visit our Partner school in Lennestadt, Germany during April and in October 2017, we returned the hospitality. Georgia Gifford Gr12, Mandy Pitchers Gr 11 and Alex Louter Gr10 stayed with host families, visited the school, joined in with activities and were able to visit many interesting places all over Germany.  They came back full of inspiration and knowledge and as more independent learners. Lea Mathes and Maya Kuhlmann then in return, visited Hillcrest High School from 13th October until the 5th of November, to learn more about the South African school system, the culture and the country itself. They were two students from the Lennestadt Gymnasium in Sauerland, Germany. They resided with South African host families to experience our South African hospitality. Despite new regulations regarding the travelling of minors to and from South Africa, we are still able to adapt and manage this wonderful learning experience for our students.

Mrs. Ilse Bothma, Teacher in Charge.

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