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Learners from Waterfall Schools in Upper Highway

Families across the Upper Highway have seen positive changes in their children during their time at Waterfall Schools. From the Pre-Primary through to Matric, children and young adults are embracing a love of learning, and parents are seeing the benefits at home

Waterfall Schools is the product of rich heritage and a fresh approach to teaching, built on a strong foundation of Christian values. Incorporating Waterfall Pre-Primary, Waterfall Preparatory and Waterfall College, this educational hub provides an affordable, independent education with a philosophy that resonates with many families.

The trio of schools shares a culture that seeks to reinforce every child’s intrinsic value and develop young adults who are assured of their self-worth and ready to contribute to the world around them.

Age-appropriate systems and structures ensure an environment suited to each developmental stage. There is a natural progression from the Pre-Primary to the Prep and on to the College.

Located on the iThemba Campus in Hillcrest, the schools enjoy a range of facilities thanks to their NPO partner, Focus on iThemba. These include spacious classrooms, two sports fields, a basketball/netball court and a 4km cross-country trail, not to mention the wetland and beautiful indigenous landscaping – which provides the setting for daily adventure and creative discovery.

Established in 2003, Focus on iThemba has committed to investing in education through its extensive Early Childhood Development initiatives, the iThemba Scholars programme (through which two children per year are given donor-sponsored scholarships to Waterfall Schools) and by creating the space for Waterfall Schools to flourish.

2018 was a milestone year for Waterfall Schools, beginning with the opening of Grades 4 to 7 at Waterfall Prep, completing the education pathway from 12 months to Grade 12.

Since moving to the campus in 2016, Waterfall Pre-Primary has established itself as one of the most sought after pre-primary schools in the area. “We are passionate about children learning to make sense of the world around them and believe that children should be children for as long as possible,” says Paula Mason, Waterfall Pre-Primary Principal. “Our teachers and staff are equipped to develop each little person’s confidence, concentration and age-appropriate life skills within a contemporary ‘home from home’ environment.”

Waterfall Prep has experienced incredible growth – from 90 pupils at the end of 2017 to more than 320 children in 2019. “We have been humbled by the community’s response to what we are doing and are grateful to the parents who have chosen to walk this journey with us,” says Brad Cooper, Headmaster of Waterfall Prep. “We are committed to being a school that focuses first on progress and development, ahead of achievement and performance, where we allow children to discover their inner treasures without fear of being measured against each other.”

Teachers have been chosen for their ability to create an environment where children are excited to learn and develop the necessary skills to launch into the College experience.

The promotion of an outdoor and active lifestyle encourages children to explore a wide range of pursuits, giving them the opportunity to discover that which ignites their imaginations.

2018 ended with a construction crew hard at work and eight new classrooms rising out of the earth. This marks an exciting new chapter for the College, which is known for its experienced specialist teachers and their commitment to helping their students realise their potential.

Established in 2004, Waterfall College provides a holistic education, founded on the pillars of academics, culture, sport, technology, leadership, service and social intelligence. As an established IEB Centre for Matric examinations, the College prepares its students for life after school, with skills beyond subject-specific knowledge. “With 48 students per grade, each child benefits from individual attention, allowing potential to flourish,” says Jeanette van der Merwe, Principal of Waterfall College.

2018 was an extraordinary year for the College and 2019 looks set to continue the trend, with growing interest from the local community and expanding facilities. Fundraising is underway for the new classrooms, which are scheduled to be open by the start of 2020.

Waterfall Schools is more than the sum of its parts. It is a place where children are empowered to realise their potential, writing their own destinies and spreading positivity. Join us as we continue the journey to creating a world-class education hub, with an impact far beyond our schools.

Waterfall Pre-Primary: 12 months to Grade 00 

031 710 1813, info@waterfallpreprimary.co.za

Waterfall Preparatory: Gr R-7 

031 710 1814, hello@waterfallprep.co.za

Waterfall College: Gr 8-12 

031 710 1830, info@waterfallcollege.co.za



*Waterfall Pre-Primary will host an event for new moms in May 2019.


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