19 May
Kloof Conservancy Indigenous Open Gardens

Date:11 and 12 June

Time: 09:00 to 16:00

Where: Kloof

Entry Fee:

  • R60pp gives access to all gardens and a cup of tea/coffee and slice of cake at the Tetley Tea Garden located at Kloof Junior Primary
  • Children under 12years of age have free entry
  • Tickets available at Gardens 1, 2, 3, 5 and at the Tetley Tea Garden (Kloof Junior Primary)
 Theme: Embrace D’MOSS. Live with Nature
  • What is it all about?

Kloof Conservancy’s Indigenous Open Gardens Show was first held in 1999 at a time when indigenous gardening and its advantages were poorly understood and supported. The event has run annually since then (with a gap in 2011) and has been instrumental in influencing the trend toward indigenous gardening not only at private gardens in KwaZulu Natal but at the institutional/corporate level as well. The stunning range of gardens that have been featured over the years have “inspired” many home owners throughout the province to convert to indigenous gardening and this year’s event will be no exception. It is now considered the premier indigenous gardening event in KwaZulu Natal.

The event has not only influenced individuals but the increasing trend towards indigenous gardening has also made a significant contribution to the protection of KwaZulu-Natal’s biodiversity by educating the broader public about our floral diversity and the merits of indigenous water-wise gardening, and by raising significant sums of money for local conservation projects, including for the removal of invasive alien plants in Krantzkloof Nature Reserve and public spaces, including the street verges of Kloof.

The Upper Highway is situated within the Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany Biodiversity Hotspot which is well known for the wealth of flora and fauna that is found in the area. The protection of this flora and fauna through indigenous gardens has been the theme of all the past events and this year it is extended to showcase the benefits that can be derived by embracing the Durban Metro Open Space System (D’MOSS). The gardens on show this year all include D’MOSS sections and showcase the integration of formal gardens with the natural surrounds and the consequent improvement in habitat and quality of life experienced by the residents.

The Additional Activities at the show: At all Gardens

  • 12 Stunning Indigenous gardens on show in a compact area of Kloof
  • Children’s competition involving a hunt for information at each garden
  • Plant experts at gardens to provide advice on indigenous gardening at all gardens
  • Raffle with great prizes – tickets available at all gardensAt Garden No3
    • Well-known botanical authors Elsa Pooley, Geoff Nichols and Charles and Julia Botha will be present at various times over the weekend selling their popular books and offering advice on indigenous gardening and bringing wildlife into your garden – at Garden No3
    • Information on D’MOSS by eThekwini’s Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department
    • Static raptor display by the KZN Falconry Club
    • The Indigenous Gardener On-line magazine information
    • Special Fern sales – the beautiful indigenous Snail Fern (Tectaria gemmifera) will be on saleas a fundraiser for Kloof Conservancy projects.
    • Guided (10am and 2pm) and self-guided forest walks at Garden No3 demonstrating D’MOSSin practice. Not suitable for persons with walking difficulties.
    • Porcelain tableware and jewellery with fauna and flora themes on saleAt Garden No 4
    • Pat McKrill – Snake Country – reptile specialist
    • Jean Senogles – Vervet Monkey Information
    • Self-guided Forest and river Trail linking gardens 4, 5 & 6. Not suitable for persons withwalking difficulties.

      At Garden No 5

    • Self-guided Forest and river Trail linking gardens 4, 5 & 6. Not suitable for persons with walking difficulties.
    • Birdlife Port Natal – bird experts on call
    • Dr Jeanne Tarrant – Endangered Amphibian Programme
    • Bats KZN – information on Bats
    • Nick Evans – reptile information
    • Assagay Coffee for sale
    • Eats & Treats – delicious treats for sale

At Garden No 6

  • Guided walks on the Uve Trail in Krantzkloof Nature Reserve at 10am and 2pm – departing from Garden No6. Suitable for all ages.
  • Butterfly Information – Lepsoc experts on hand
  • Self-guided Forest and river Trail linking gardens 4, 5 & 6. Not suitable for persons with walkingdifficulties.

    At the Tetley Tea Garden (Kloof Junior Primary)

  • Kloof Conservancy Information Table at Kloof Junior Primary
  • Art display by learners from local schools – part of the Botanical Education Trust’s InvasiveSpecies Education Project
  • Tetley Tea Garden – your free cup of Tea/Coffee and slice of cake
  • Tuck-shop – Wors/chicken/salad rolls for sale
  • Indigenous Plant sales
  • Garden craft (wire/metal) for sale
  • Thomas More Community Orchestra (11-12am Saturday)
  • Information on Invasive Alien PlantsThe Gardens:

    Garden No1: 45 Alamein Ave., Kloof

    Anitalia and Malcolm Perry – a well established indigenous garden which attracts a wide variety of birds and with stunning views of Kloof Gorge.

    Garden No2: 47 Alamein Ave., Kloof

    Pamela and Chris Dalzell – Chris is the former curator of the Durban Botanical Gardens and more recently a member of the team responsible for creating the new Singapore botanical gardens. With his wealth of experience Chris has created an amazing indigenous garden with many interesting species and stunning gorge views. Due to the steep terrain parts of this garden are not recommended for persons with walking difficulties.

    Garden No3 Cascades, 38 Buckingham Road, Kloof

    Established in 2003 these gardens are stand-alone but successfully blend into each other creating an extended environment which with no fencing onto the forest has encouraged wildlife to frequent the gardens on a regular basis. Guided and self-guided forest walks will available at this garden – due to the nature of the terrain parts of these walks are not suitable for persons with walking difficulties.

    Garden No3a – No8 Cascades Glenda and Clive McMurray Garden No3b – No7 Cascades, Bev and Paolo Candotti Garden No3c – No6 Cascades, Annie and Mike Chapman Garden No3d – No5 Cascades, Peter Rees

Garden No3e – No3 Cascades, Maureen and Hugh McGibbon Garden No3f – No9 Cascades, Belinda Kepler and Kevin Waller Garden No3g – No2 Cascades, Brian Dales

Garden No4: 8 Ipivi Road, Kloof

Jenny Bosch – situated on the edge of Krantzkloof Nature Reserve and on the Uve stream this garden has blended a formal section into the natural forest area with great effect and attracts an unusually high number of bird species. In this garden you can experience “monkey” corridors created to encourage Vervet monkeys to focus on indigenous fruited path ways thus keeping them away from the house area. This garden is linked by a self-guided trail to Gardens No4 and 5 – due to the nature of the terrain parts of this trail is not suitable for persons with walking difficulties.

Garden No5: 4a Uve Road, Kloof

Gwynne and Ian Massey – This garden blends formal and informal gardening as well as some non-indigenous species in an effective and interesting way to create a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns which extend into the riverine forest with trails to gardens No4 and No6 – due to the nature of the terrain parts of this trail is not suitable for persons with walking difficulties.

Garden No6: 8 Uve Road, Kloof

Cecily Salmon and Mike Liptrot – this garden is famous for its tree collection with over 300 species and won the Pam Golding award for best large KZN garden in 2007. The garden blends into the riverine forest and visitors can walk on a self-guided trail which links to Gardens No4 and 5 – due to the nature of the terrain parts of this trail is not suitable for persons with walking difficulties.

Additional Information:

Contact: info@kloofconservancy.org.za
or phone: Paolo Candotti 083 626 8684

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