12 Sep

In 2015 Janita Bold sold her marketing agency as the stress from travel, deadlines and the corporate world was making her sick.

Diagnosed with insulin resistance and chronic fatigue, Janita was allergic to almost everything and placed on large volumes of medications without much success. This is when she started studying Nutritional Therapy and discovered the healing power of real food. Finding that few restaurants catered for this newfound lifestyle, and wanting to share her knowledge with the Upper Highway community, Janita took a leap of faith. The charming La Verdure cafe opened its doors in Gillitts two years ago, and has grown phenomenally since then.

“Our name, meaning a condition of freshness or healthy growth, is a promise of our passion and approach to food and its preparation, a promise of real food that is vibrant and flourishing, food your body will thank you for,” says Janita. And this is a promise she has certainly kept. The bustling, warm and welcoming cafe is supported by loyal customers and has an extensive menu of wholesome, home-made food with the very best no-nonsense ingredients. Janita’s husband Gregg makes the sourdough bread – it’s amazing!

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