29 Mar

On February 24, 220 people gathered at Tanglewood Private Nature Reserve in Kloof to take part in Leap Day for Frogs. This event was part of the national awareness campaign to point the spotlight at frogs and highlight their plight of being the most threatened animals on earth but also aimed to celebrate the amazing diversity of these interesting creatures.

The campaign is co-ordinated by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)’s Threatened Amphibian Programme, with the aim of getting as many schools, organisations and individuals across the country doing something to recognise the animal’s importance. This year, participants were encouraged to “Go green for frogs” by dressing in green at school or work. The Tanglewood event was organised in collaboration with Kloof Conservancy as part of its Back-to-Nature events and Leap Day for Frogs.

The afternoon started off with various activity tables for children to learn about their biology and how they are sensitive to pollution and other threats, as well as experience live frogs and snakes. Everyone enjoyed picnicking around the dam and an informative talk by Jeanne Tarrant, followed by a walk through the forest and around some of the dams to search for frogs by torchlight. Lots of fun was had by all!

*Visit www.ewt.org.za for more info

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