24 Oct

You may have tried Trauma Releasing Exercises in the past, but this is your opportunity to become a certified TRE practitioner, so that you can share the techniques with other people. 

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) is a breakthrough in trauma recovery. It is a body-centered methodology of trauma recovery that can be used with individuals or in large-scale populations. It is easily learned, immediately effective and self-empowering.

TRE is a revolutionary new technique to reduce muscular tension, relieve chronic stress, anxiety, and recover from traumatic episodes in life.

These techniques are suitable for use in conjunction with other therapies, such as counselling, massage therapy and other body-based modalities, as well as being utilised by laypeople, first responders, fireman, paramedics, doctors, teachers, etc.

Attend this training workshop and you’ll gain CPD accreditation.

DATES: 27 – 28 October and 3 November 2012

VENUE: Eagle View, 4 Galloway Lane, Winston Park

COST: R2 900

To book, contact Robin Vanderplank on vanderplankr@gmail.com or 082 499 1344; Anita Simon on amsimon@online.no or 084 015 0166.

For more information on TRE, visit www.traumaprevention.com


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