22 Feb

Winston Park’s Joanne Jennings – a marketing student with a passion for cooking –  and her mom Maureen recognised potential when the opportunity to purchase a small home-based business arose.

The business plan involved a small loan from a loving father, a few microwaves, a fridge, two pots and some chocolate moulds. With Albertina and Queeneth, Joanne and Maureen set about converting a double garage into a small factory. The goal was simple: to create good, old-fashioned home-made fudge.

Those humble beginnings fostered a business culture built on relationships, both within the business itself and in the market place, and that culture still prevails two decades later.

Jennings Fine Foods has grown into a popular, proudly South African brand, boasting a wide range of confectionery products – but still maintaining that old-fashioned home-made quality. With proposed expansions to both the factory and the product range, and some new and exciting recipes, the future looks exciting for this local food business.

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