13 Jan

21 young South African children representing our country at the 14th Pan Pacific and Abacus and Mental Arithmetic (PAMA) Competition in Hong Kong on Saturday December 28 2013.

In the photo: KZN representatives brought home four silver and four bronze medals

Between them, they achieved one Gold, eight Silver and 12 Bronze awards – the best performance South African students have ever achieved at PAMA in the International Arena. The Upper Highway was proudly represented by Hanno Geyser, Grade 2 (Kloof Junior Primary) and Daniele Hauptfleisch, Grade 3 (Winston Park Primary) in Category B, Stuart Camp, Grade 3 (Winston Park Primary), Michaela Kapnias, Grade 4 (Thomas More), Irene Geyser, Grade 4 (Kloof Senior Primary).

Together with Kamilah Moodley, Grade 3 (Chelsea Preparatory) and Lloyd Milligan, Grade 4 (Penzance Primary) in Category C and Kemuel Moodley, Grade 5 (Chelsea Preparatory) in Category D, the KZN students proudly brought home four silver and four bronze awards.

The students, who are members of SEMAS South Africa, were selected by PAMA South Africa based on their current class level, age and national competition results. 

The SA team enjoying the festivities in Hong Kong

The SA team enjoying the festivities in Hong Kong

386 Students from countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Taiwan, India, Lebanon, Vietnam, Korea and Singapore participated at this prestigious event in five categories, from age five to 14.

The rhythmic beating of drums opened the event with a spectacular show “the dance of the lion”. After a long whistle blow hundreds of little fingers turned over their exam papers and started a sprinting marathon with their abaci. Time was limited and only the flicking of abacus beads could be heard throughout the silent Grand Hall at the EMAX Convention Centre.

The students had three minutes each on the three abacus papers to complete 20 to 30 sums! Example of sums: 87 x 7 (30 sums); 384 / 4 (30 sums).

During the prize giving ceremony, children were able to demonstrate their amazing mental arithmetic skills. Selected students were given one minute to do their mental calculations. Ethan Kirstein from South Africa (10 years old) did his add and subtract sums in under 40 seconds. His sums consisted of addition and subtraction of 10 x 3 digit numbers (784+983-273+993…).

Congratulations to all involved for their fantastic achievements. Self-confidence is the key to a bright mathematical and scientific future, and they are clearly on the right path! 

For more about SEMAS and the PAMA Competition, click here

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  1. Brenda Greyvensteyn says:

    Well done SEMAS and all the Students who took part and all those who won medals. Keep up the good work!

  2. Tina Scotford says:

    What a fantastic result. Brilliant young minds at work… well done to everyone involved.

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