09 Jun
Holmes Brothers

Get the edge this winter with a more relaxed, laid-back and layered style perfect for our not-too-chilly days. Debbie Reynolds asked three local designers what the guys should be wearing this season


So, guys, if there’s just one thing you must do to be on trend this winter, it’s lose your skinny jeans.

“Everything is baggier and more generous and, at last, the skinny jean is heading for the hills,” says Laurie Holmes of Holmes Bros fame. “They’re not cool anymore, so bros, let them go!

“From shirts to pants, the silhouette is bigger, looser and boxier … think the 90s with a fresh twist.”

Multi award-winning Terrence Bray agrees: “Shapes are more oversized, slouchy and generous mixed with an element of tailoring.”

He says menswear trends are very exciting as they get edgier and men take more risks. “I think we’ve been starved for so long, that we’re finally embracing a more interesting look.”

For Durban fashion doyenne Amanda Laird Cherry, it’s also about a more relaxed “dressed-down” style with the utility look taking centre stage.

“Cargo pants are back in a big way along with fresh safari-style jackets and carpenter’s vests.”

Spot on, says Terrence, with camo utility jackets being elevated with bright embroidery. “Think the 70s Vietnam army jacket reworked and upcycled with mix-and-match prints.”

Laurie calls it the “technical” trend with zip-up nylon jackets, lightweight for Durban and more puffer-style for Hillcrest.

Embellishment is another hot trend taking winter fashion by storm. “There’s lots of embroidery – dragons and snakes and college jacket motifs – with bigger logos and imagery,” says Laurie.

For the East Coast’s more balmy winter you also can’t go wrong with a good long-sleeve shirt. Amanda advocates the white shirt in various cuts, fits and lengths, worn smart or layered and relaxed.

For Terrence the “it” item is a classic Liberty-print lawn shirt then layer it with a cardigan or overcoat. “It’s perfect for the Durban climate where you can bundle up or peel it off.”

The consensus on colour is that the muted shades are being pushed out by richer colours. Laurie is going for washed-out purples, blues, oranges and yellows, while Terrence is opting for bright jewel tones.

Amanda’s palette is tending towards interesting dying techniques, including tie-dye and ombre effects, which, she says are “a revival of yesteryear, but done in an updated sophisticated way.”

She’s also pushing a contemporary take on the idea of a classic suit. “We’re going for both subtle and bold versions, exploring print and plain options.”


Terrence Bray garments available from studio@terrencebray.co.za. All prices on request. Pictures: Simon Deiner (SDR Photo)

Holmes Bros garments available from stores at La Lucia Mall, Ballito Lifestyle and Watercrest Mall, Hillcrest 

Amanda Laird Cherry garments available from The Space stores at Gateway and Pavilion and online at Spree. Pictures: Simon Deiner (SDR Photo)


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