12 Sep

Patients at Hillcrest Hospital, a government facility dedicated to caring for chronically ill individuals, have welcomed the installation of a television set and DVD player, donated by staff from Marriott Asset Management.

The hospital is one of the beneficiaries of Marriott’s annual Mandela Day donations, however, Marriott staff decided to take this generosity a step further after having visited the facility in July.

“Every year the staff is asked to dedicate 67 minutes towards something beneficial and this year was baking goods,” explained Kim Reinhardt, PA at Marriott Asset Management. “These were then used to create platters which were donated to various local organisations, one of which was Hillcrest Hospital.”

Identifying a further need, the staff put together hampers consisting of toiletry products for the patients and then contributed the R5 000 needed to purchase a 43” flat screen TV, wall mount and DVD player.

“Although some patients have their own televisions, many do not,” explained Reinhardt. “Several patients at the facility have restricted movement, as they are recovering from strokes and accidents, so the introduction of a television provides welcome entertainment.”

The donation was handed over on 31 August with the installation of the entertainment unit provided, free of charge, by Rob Moxey from Hillcrest Home Entertainment.

“On behalf of the hospital we would just like to say a heartfelt thank you to Marriott,” said Wadine Estrice, occupational therapist at Hillcrest Hospital. “A new TV was something we had desired and they just met that need so perfectly. We are sincerely grateful.”

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