19 Feb
Out-of-the-Blue animal shelter is giving dozens of animals a better life

Out-of-the-Blue Animal Rescue is a non-profit organisation (NPO number 081-432) established in 2010, which focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation and care for neglected, abused and abandoned animals. They have been running privately since 2001.

Based in Assagay, Patty and Peter I’Ons are the proud owners of this 52-acre farm and out of their genuine love for animals have formed this charity, with the help of Stable Manager / Riding Instructor Judy Theunissen and her husband Billy Theunissen, Chairman and overseer of the farm.

30 dogs roam free on the farm

30 dogs roam free on the farm

The team currently house 87 animals, including 43 horses, 30 dogs and 14 donkeys. These animals have no enclosures, they roam the farm freely and at will, as a herd, as God intended them to… They graze freely by day and at night they go into their stables for their supper and bed down for the night, with plenty of hay and water and lovely soft bedding.

As you can imagine this is no easy task, with huge bills for feed, hay, vets, farriers, bedding, grooms, etc, etc.

Out-of-the-Blue relies purely on charity donations in order to nurture these helpless animals back to health – to feed, groom and exercise them for the rest of their natural lives at the farm.

The horses are in desperate need of medical attention

The horses are in desperate need of medical attention


1. We urgently need to deworm all our horses – cost 35 x R70 = R 2450
2. 25 horses need their teeth done – cost 25 x R150 = R 3750

These above items are especially crucial for the condition of the horses… and they are long overdue already.

3. Building materials for our stables: we are on Phase 2 of the building, after the one section collapsed on 1 January with all the bad weather… We need roof trusses, rafters, IRB sheeting for 250sq, 75 to 100mm roof nails and 3” and 6” nails.
4. We still have R11 000 outstanding in vets bills and our feed bill (concentrate only, not hay) is R500/day.
5. Our hay we get at a very good price of R200 a large round bale and that will last 2 days.


All donations would be greatly appreciated and we ask that should you wish to make a contribution, you use the following account details:

Out-of-the-Blue Animal Rescue Trust – Standard Bank Hillcrest – Acc No: 250828049 – Branch Code: 04-57-26
Trust number: IT/1360/2009/PMB – NPO Number 081-432)

REFERENCE: Please use your name as well as what your contribution is for…i.e.…FEED, VETS, DEWORM, TEETH. etc email judy@healthytransport.co.za we can keep you updated with where your money is being spent. And we will gladly email you a NPO rebate invoice and also proof of payment as to where your money was spent

Phone 031-7681768 for more information.

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