10 Jun

Highbury recently celebrated its 116th birthday and unearthed their first-ever time capsule, which was buried by Mrs Pam Turner’s Grade 5 class in 1994.

Her class each wrote a letter about South Africa’s first democratic elections that were taking place at the time, and a second letter to their “future-selves”. They also gathered a collection of things that were “new” and “old” at the time, to place in the capsule. The time capsule was created from PVC pipe and buried in the gardens at the back of Highbury’s Chapel.

Ten of the boys from Pam Turner’s class gathered together with their retired teachers, special guests and Highbury staff and boys to unearth the capsule, and it was a wonderful surprise to see that everything had been perfectly preserved. The contents of the time capsule has been set up in Highbury’s Media Centre.




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