16 Apr

With the trend for more flexible working and home-based businesses, a home office has become a necessity for many people. Striking a balance between function and aesthetics is key when incorporating a working space into your house

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Feels Like Home

“The beauty of a home office is that you can add items of comfort and inspiration,” says interior stylist Genevieve Motley of Motley. “Personal touches are definitely making more appearances.” Interior designer Kirsty Lindley of Lindley and Co agrees, noting, “A home office needs to be a space that keeps you inspired at the same time as being a calming place where you can collect your thoughts and keep focused. It should reflect your sense of style and complement the rest of your home decor.”

The key to getting this right is to consider the decor of the rest of your home and follow it through into your home office space. Personal touches such as framed pictures and artworks, collections of books on shelves, a statement rug or some striking wallpaper blur the boundaries between home and work.


A Place Of One’s Own

“The home office doesn’t necessarily have to be an entire room of the house,” notes interior designer  Kirsten Wuth of The Design Group. “It can be limited to a work nook or small area of the home dedicated to a work space. The key is to demarcate the space and try to have a bit of privacy if there are children or others at home during your work hours. Most home office users are using laptops and perhaps a small printer and don’t meet visitors or clients at their home, preferring to meet at a restaurant or co-working space, so the work space does not need to be large, just beautiful and functional. A wall mounted work station is also a great way to have a small, neat and functional work space that takes up very little space in the home.”


Storage Space

To keep the look neat and uncluttered, storage is essential. “There are so many wonderful storage solutions out there: beautiful baskets, shelves, hooks,” says Kirsten. “You don’t need to use typical office furniture and accessories or use up valuable cupboard space.”


Behind The Desk

An essential item in any office is a desk. “Your desk needs to have sufficient space for your needs,” says Kirsten. Consider if you simply need it to house a laptop or whether you need a working area for large sheets of paper or files as well. A comfortable chair that is ergonomically designed is another must-have.


Bang On Trend

“A pin board or word grid to pin up bits of inspiration, reminders and notes is a trendy and practical idea,” says Genevieve. Kirsty says that black is back. “When paired with brass, black creates a sexy masculine look for any home office.” Kirsten suggests using a rug or an accent wall to demarcate your work space. A trendy light fitting or lamp is an easy way to add a stylish touch to your home office. “Light fittings add some interesting angles as well as softer lighting when working in the evenings,” says Kirsty. “Good natural light is first prize during the day,” notes Kirsten. “Position your desk near a window.”


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