08 Nov
The original Get Fit Challenge

The Original Get Fit Challenge was born 11 years ago when Neil du Plessis and Denver Subramany scraped their savings together for prize money and introduced members at Virgin Active to the 12-week challenge concept.

Challenge one had 30 people, the second one doubled to 60 and the third tripled to 180. At one stage a whopping 1 500 people participated in one single challenge. There are now nine Get Fit branches, and the recipe for success is the carefully thought-through eating plan along with HIT metabolic resistance training – where you combine weights and cardio to kick-start your metabolism.

Neil du Plessis, who runs our local Hillcrest branch, has been a personal trainer for 20 years. “I was overweight and unhappy, so I joined a Body For Life challenge and it changed my life. It inspired me to help others do the same, which is why I am so dedicated to Get Fit.” Neil met Denya on a blind date – set up by her brother who Neil was training at the time. It was love at first sight and marriage and kids followed soon thereafter. Denya is a professional dancer and also involved in personal training – a familiar face and firm favourite among Get Fit clients.

Classes are fun and different every day. “Not limited to one form of training, we put our personal touch on trends and create our own, unique programmes. It’s like having the full benefits of a personal trainer but in a group – which is highly motivating and encourages less rest time, hence better results,” says Neil.

*There’s a Get Fit app, different types of memberships and three 12-week, 8-week and 6-week challenges a year. Get in touch with Neil on 084 444 8015 or follow @getfithillcrest on Facebook for great specials

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