13 Feb
Two Acre's Tearoom

The Two Acres Tearoom is a unique setting that forms part of the Hornby Clivia Nursery in Hillcrest.

With its combination of a natural environment, the magnificent London Plane trees and carefully-sourced “no hormone, no antibiotic” ingredients, the Two Acres Tearoom makes for a unique and peaceful place to enjoy a Hendrick’s Gin. Whether you are looking to have an outdoor tea or experience some of the more curious offerings indoors, the Two Acres Tearoom boasts options for everyone. Garden greenery and white roses create a beautiful backdrop.

Amongst the many other offerings, including a gin garden, the Two Acres Tearoom now offers gin aficionados a dedicated Hendrick’s Gin experience in their garden room, aptly named “Hendrick’s – The Enchanted Room of Curiosities”. Along with some of the best hand-made Hendrick’s Gin cocktails, diners can enjoy sophisticated appetisers that have been perfectly matched to heighten the unusual affair.

The Two Acres Tearoom is open Tuesday to Saturday, 8am to 4pm
H1 Country Lane, Assagay
031 768 1957
Facebook: TwoAcresTearoom

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