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Dr Julia Ambler and Tracey Brand offer an exceptional service to the Durban community – providing palliative care to children who have been diagnosed with terminal disease. Umduduzi – Hospice Care for Children is offered free of charge, but funds are drying up. Now, it’s time for the community to step in and help.

Hillcrest residents Andrew Macleod and Ryan Ponquett are putting together a fundraiser, the likes of which are seldom seen these days. “Last year we met Julia Ambler and Tracey Brand from Umduduzi, who do the most incredible work in Paediatric Palliative care,” says Andrew. “They are the only specialists in KZN helping terminally-ill children die with dignity and without undue suffering, whilst supporting the families through such incredible loss.”

“The need is such that they are hugely understaffed and overworked. They have for many years relied on NGO donations, which have now largely dried up. We hope that by initiating private support, with your help we might nurture the powerful and important role that they fulfill in our community.”

Award-winning cellist Carol Thorns will perform her show from the Edinburgh Festival

Award-winning cellist Carol Thorns will perform her show from the Edinburgh Festival

Andrew and Ryan invite you to join them for ‘Sleeping at Last’ at 2a Homestead Avenue, Hillcrest on 8 April 2016 – a glamorous picnic in esteemed company.

Guests will be treated to performances by renowned local artists, including award-winning cellist Carol Thorns of Red Cello (www.carolthorns.co.za) and John Ellis, successful singer, song-writer and former frontman of Tree63. The MC for the evening will be the wonderfully talented Shelly McLean from Platform Jazz.

Tailor-made picnic baskets will be available for purchase.

“As a fund raiser, we need guests to commit to a minimum donation of R1 000 per person,” Andrew explains. “People who feel moved to donate more would be greatly valued and appreciated!”

Umduduzi – Hospice Care for Children is a registered NPO and PBO and, therefore, Section 18A certificates are available for tax rebates. Their beneficiaries are also over 95% Black African and therefore BEE points are available as well.

To watch the story of Umduduzi, click here.

To book your place, email Andrew at amacleod697@gmail.com

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