24 Dec

For 35 year old year old Gift Tsepo Ndlovu, the last two years have been a whirlwind of growth and success. After being retrenched from his job in 2010 and having to support his wife and three children, Gift’s future appeared bleak.

A friend encouraged him to attend the business course that Giba was running called the ‘Paradigm Shift’, and that’s when things changed for Gift.

During the eighteen week course he met advertising agency owner, Clive McMurray, who become his mentor and has been by Gift’s side ever since. The aim of the interactive course is to equip smaller scale entrepreneurs with practical business tools and biblical principles.

Out of the 900 candidates who attended the Paradigm Shift business course country wide, Gift was nominated as the ‘Best Entrepreneur of 2014’ as a result of the establishment of his business in repairing and servicing computers.

This inspired him to take a second business course at the Elangeni College in Pinetown which lasted a year and strengthened his entrepreneurial skills.

His story was featured in publications throughout KwaZulu-Natal and after hearing about his dedication and vision, local businessmen came forward to assist. He was donated a container which was transported to his home in the Dassenhoek area, Marianhill, and now he is able to store his equipment and do repairs in a secure environment.

Compass Medical Waste Services heard about Gift’s journey from Grace Church and a discussion was held with their IT, finance and corporate social investment team on how best to assist him, in order to ensure that his business is profitable and services the community.

On Thursday, 3 December Gift received 80 second hand electronic items from Compass which included twenty two laptops, monitors, docking stations, keyboards, cables, a printer and projector.

“I am over the moon with this donation as I can either upgrade the equipment or use much needed parts to repair others,’’ explains Gift. “I have received such wonderful support from individuals and businesses and this will help me to realise the vision for my business much sooner than planned.’’

Gift’s strategy is to continue repairing and servicing computers and then to open an internet cafe and business service facility – faxing, copying, typing, scanner – for his community.

“I would like to provide basic computer training skills to anyone and everyone from young children, to aspiring business men and women, to the elderly,’’ continues Gift.

“I am so excited about the projector which has been donated as I can do screenings of movies and play motivational DVDs to the youth in my area.’’

“During my first meeting with Mr du Randt, owner of Compass, he mentioned the importance of registering my business and I made sure that I had done this before we met again. It is advice like this that is going to make me successful,’’ concludes Gift.

For more information on Gift Computer Sales and Repairs, please contact Gift Ndlovu on 083 718 0463 or email tsepogift44@gmail.com.

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