03 Apr
What the Freelance

That arresting acronym quickly encapsulates what most freelancers deal with: jumping through hoops of fire to make a buck

The global economy is changing fast and more people are going freelance rather than working in corporates. Of course, that comes with multiple challenges and opportunities. So how do you survive the exasperation and elation?

WTF or what the freelance is the savvy response by the renowned Vega School to help entrepreneurs. The school has a host of courses for mid-career business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to up their game but often need a bridge to do so, a stepping stone to help them jump to the next level.

The need to improve skills for professional development is intrinsic to business, it is an inevitability: you need to compete and remain current and relevant in the workplace. The differentiation keeps you fresh and gives you pace.

Vega School, based in La Lucia in Durban, is an educational brand of The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE). The IIE is internationally accredited by The British Accreditation Council demonstrating world-class standards and guarantees students complete confidence about the value of their qualifications. Vega is hugely industry focused and its collaboration with successful companies has kept it relevant and sees 94% of The IIE Vega students employed within six months of graduating, and with almost half its students being employed before graduating.

Naretha Pretorius, the Campus Navigator (Principal) in Durban, is flying the flag of its business and commercial courses because more people need the skills these offer.

WTF is an audience focused course that works with individuals, freelancers and small business owners. The idea of going freelance is irresistible. No need to deal with a line manager who doesn’t appreciate your work. No more restrictions. You can travel and create a career that fits in with your life. And why not?

You’ve studied, worked hard and perfected your skills. It’s time for freelance! Freedom at last! Slow down there. You are about to be derailed by one of the worst assumptions you can make.

You understand the creative work of your business but don’t understand a business that does creative work. You are starting a business. Don’t panic – you can take your freelance skills from 0 to 250km/hr in a matter of days.

By doing the WTF course you’ll discover your own hidden motivations for being a freelancer, and what you want for your business.

Do you want to stay small, or grow into an agency yourself?

Vega School will teach you how to achieve your freelance dreams.

The coursework has been developed over years by specialists in the marketing, media, digital and communications industry.

What you will learn:

  • Freelancing as a business.
  • How to set business goals and define your growth.
  • The art of strategy.
  • The basics of bookkeeping, financial statements and management reports.
  • Everything you need to know about human resources (HR).
  • Mastering sales and your own sales strategy.
  • Strategic account management.
  • How to do your own marketing.
  • Putting systems in place (time-keeping, production, CRM and more).
  • Understanding procurement and supplier relationships.

Vega also delivers a range of other short courses in design, brand and business to meet the rapidly growing needs of the industry. IIE Vega Short Courses include: Social Media Marketing, Digital Brand Strategy, Brand and Marketing Management, Strategic Brand Leadership and Gamification for Brand Building. Vega prides itself in the new breed of thinkers it produces through IIE qualifications, such as Certificates, Baccalaureates, Honours, Master’s programmes with a strong focus on brand leadership, brand management, design and brand communication.

*For more information about WTF, visit http://whatthefreelance.com/Vega

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