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November 10, 2011. Called a “perfect same-numbered palindrome”, on November 11, 2011 the date will read exactly the same backwards as forwards. Apparently this only happens once every 100 years. Now bear in mind that at 11.11am it’s going to read: and you can see why numerologists are in a flat spin.

The UK’s Daily Mail has dug out a gorgeous story about a pair of twins who will celebrate a pair of 11s on this rather amazing day.

From The Mercury newspaper (Tuesday, November 8, 2011): “Thousands will gather for 11/11/11 ceremonies, trance dances or day-in-the-life video projects around the world. Several Facebook pages marking the date have popped up.”

It continues: “For numerologists, Freemasons and occult groups, 11 holds special resonance. Some say it has psychic properties or represents a channel to the subconscious.” Others have stressed an “inborn duality”, a reflection of the good-and-evil paradigm that has been present since the dawn of humanity.

Harry Potter: 11.11.11

The Harry Potter marketing machine's in full swing for 11.11.11

For the social media freaks out there. Go to Twitter search and type 11.11.11  . . . and you’ll see it’s a hot potato at the moment.

“I must say, I’m pretty pumped that my wife and I will be married exactly 11yrs on 11/11/11.”

“Tomorrow is the big LAUNCH: 11.11.11 1. iTunes: Australia, Japan, and USA 2. Korean portals sites 3. 3RD WAVE…”

“Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 DVD is out 11/11/11. Who’s ready for a Harry Potter Weekend?!”

The tweets go on and on. Seems like this one could be a Twitter-wise marketing man’s dream.

Just out of interest I dug up some facts and figures about November 11 in history:

1918 – Armistice: At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the Great War ended.

1921 – The Tomb of the Unknowns is dedicated by US President Warren G Harding at Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia.

1926 – US Route 66 established.

1942 – World War 2: Nazi Germany completes its occupation of France.

US Gen George S Paton was born on November 11

Born on November 11: US General George Patton

Born on this day:

US General George S Patton

Died on this day:
1880 – Ned Kelly, Australian bushranger.
1938 – Typhoid Mary, the first person in the US identified as an asymptomatic carrier of the pathogen associated with typhoid fever.
2004 – Yasser Arafat, Palestinian leader, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

More November 11 history here

City sets date with 11.11.11 to make new buys

One by One, marketers plan for a Singular Event

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