17 Feb
Early Education Excellence

Apart from being better equipped for “big” school, research has shown that a top quality pre-school lays a solid foundation for academic, social and career success. In our tough competitive world, it’s one of the best investments you can make towards your child’s future.

Currently being built in an upmarket new development situated in Meridian Drive, uMhlanga New Town, (in the same road as the Porsche Centre and Old Town Italy restaurant), the newest branch of Prestige Baby & Kidz Academy is scheduled to open in May this year.

The exclusive brand was established six years ago by founder Judy Nieuwenhuizen and there are now five thriving branches in Gauteng and KZN. This latest addition promises to be one of the most prestigious. “We will be welcoming babies from three months, and pre-schoolers up to six years,” says Judy. “We follow a holistic and positive approach, with ‘Learning through Play’ being our motto and an important component. It’s structured, but the children have so much fun they don’t realise they’re learning.”

State-of-the-art temperature control ensures the premises (the entire first floor) will be eco-friendly, allowing natural light and free flowing air. There will be indoor and outdoor play areas, a computer station, and spacious classrooms. From innovative educational toys to cutting edge kitchen and bathrooms, no expense has been spared in this multi-million rand enterprise.

Safety and security

The academy will boast hi-tech security without the inconvenience of high walls and electric fences. A lift and staircase will take parents and children from the underground parking to the academy on the first floor, and a double entrance and finger access control will also be installed.

Not forgetting manners

While building confidence and self-esteem is important, teaching “old fashioned” politeness and respect is high on the academy’s agenda. “We instil these values through interactive play and puppet shows. I’ve had many comments from parents delighted that their children have acquired such good manners!” smiles Judy.

The academy will be hosting an open day once the premises are nearer to completion.

Judy Nieuwenhuizen: 083 616 0633 judy@prestigebaby.co.za www.prestigebaby.co.za




√ A high staff to child ratio (age appropriate) with fully trained staff, from baby carers to qualified teachers.

√ Nutritious meals and a filtered water station.

√ Baby and toddler gym and stimulation programme.

√ Potty training.

√ CCTV parent surveillance camera in all main play areas (parents are welcome to log in to view their children).

√ Music, arts and crafts.

√ A comprehensive Curriculum Assessment Policy (CAPS) from the age of two years including weekly Prestige Life Skills Themes.

√ Computer lessons.

√ A daily written report on the child’s activities.

√ Interlinked to top private schools.


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