21 Dec

… What a perfectly peculiar Hendrick’s Gin punch

Perfect for those seemingly implacable balmy summer days, a practical way to idly spend an afternoon would be to savour each sip of this Hendrick’s Gin Summer Punch. A punch that is not only refreshing on the taste buds, but which also joyfully exploits our fresh vegetation – fruit, vegetables, herbs, and even flora.

Over the festive season, this light and fruity Hendrick’s Gin punch will offer you and your guests a welcome reprise from both heat and boredom.

Visit our website and social media pages to see how SA’s Hendrick’s Gin mixologist, Marson Strydom, constructs this marvellous punch. But if you’re a more adventurous appreciator of gin and want to try your hand at mastering the art one of the finer lessons in life, then we’ve included the recipe below. Make, pour, sip, and enjoy … but please, always relish the smooth taste of Hendrick’s Gin responsibly.

Hendrick’s Gin Summer Punch

500ml Hendrick’s Gin

200ml lemon juice

70ml elderflower cordial

30ml mango cordial

30ml celery juice

600ml pineapple juice

400ml litchi juice

garnish – cubes of fresh seasonal fruit, cucumber slices, and hibiscus flowers

To make: Mix everything (except the hibiscus flowers) into a punch bowl and stir well. Dilute with 1 scoop of ice when mixing. Chill in a fridge. Stir well. Add another scoop of ice when serving to keep it cold. To garnish, float hibiscus flowers on the surface of the punch.
Serve: Best served in an unusual manner – such as in a tea cup. In tea cups, this recipe serves about 12 to 15 people (or 4 serious gin lovers). *


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