07 Aug
Land Rover is the best money can buy


Land Rover is set to wow its 1,2-million customers around the world with its latest offering – the all new Land Rover Discovery

Packed with new features that radically improve its older brother, the new slick, stylish seven-seater Land Rover Discovery has been unleashed – and is sure to set tongues wagging. It is a technologically packed family car with everyday versatility and unparalleled off-road capability.

To whet your appetite, here are five all-star attractions of the new Discovery.

  1. It has seven adult seats – all heated. The two rear seats can be unfolded in 14 seconds by the driver using touch screen technology, dedicated buttons in the cargo area, or even remotely using your smartphone.
  2. The vehicle boasts really clever utilisation of space. With the seats flat there is loading capacity of 2 500 litres. With five passengers in the car, there’s still a superb 1 231-litres of luggage volume behind the second row of seats. Then there’s room for the little things. Up to four iPads can be stowed in the centre console, while the hidden storage compartment behind the climate control panel is a safe space for your wallet or phone. In total, there is nearly 45 litres of stowage space for everyday family essentials. And the best news for a tech-savvy family, the car has nine USB ports to charge every high-tech device known to man or beast.
  3. The smart functionality doesn’t end there. It is also available with InControl Connect Pro, which uses 3G connectivity to create a wireless hotspot for up to eight smartphones, laptops or tablets. The infotainment system also gains internet access, allowing for satellite navigation with live traffic and integration with popular apps on smartphones.
  4. The new Discovery is an easy-in, easy-out vehicle. There is self-levelling air suspension allowing ride height to be adjusted to suit a variety of conditions. You can rise to a maximum of 283mm to clear obstacles. And when you stop to load luggage or strap little ones into their car seats, the vehicle automatically lowers itself by 40mm to allow for easy entry and exit. Also available is a Gesture Control Tailgate for hands-free opening of the tailgate by simply waving your foot under the bumper. Additionally, the powered inner tailgate folds down to serve as a bench or enable easier loading of cargo.
  5. Land Rover has built on decades of off-road expertise, and the latest offering is All-Terrain Progress Control, a system that acts like cruise control for off-road driving. Simply select a speed between 1,8km/h and 30km/h, and the Discovery’s drive computers will automatically apply the correct amount of acceleration and braking, allowing even novice drivers to glide over treacherous terrain.


It’s difficult not to gush about the features. The new Discovery is a design fest, with sculpted surfaces, jewel-like headlamps and a faster windscreen angle break, creating a modern, distinctively new, sporty look with beautiful detailing.

Engineers have also done marvels with the machine. The aluminium monocoque construction has shaved 480kg off the weight of the car, but it is still able to tow 3,5-tons.

The off-road capacity is amazing, with modes for general driving; grass, gravel and snow; mud and ruts; sand; and rock crawling. Each mode has throttle mapping, steering response, suspension set-up, and traction control so you should cruise up a slippery slope as easily as negotiate 900mm deep water.

There are also great features to improve blind spot monitoring and vehicle sensing scans for fast approaching vehicles or collision risks if drivers move into the path of an approaching vehicle in an adjacent lane.

Land Rover has rightly dubbed its new offering as a vehicle to keep your family safe, connected and confident in all conditions. With prices starting at R980 000, it’s a winner. *

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