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Please diarise Talk Sign Day on Friday, 9th of March 2018 and ‘’Let’s Bridge the Gap” by adopting Talk Sign at your school or business.

The Talk Sign campaign, an initiative of the KwaZulu-Natal Blind and Deaf Society, is now in its 5th year and is aimed at ensuring that all people in society (school children in particular) become aware of Sign Language, of the plight of Deaf people, of the need for Deaf people to communicate and to raise money for their cause.

According to the President of the KZN Blind and Deaf Society, Justice Zak Yacoob, ‘’It is a human right of every person who is Deaf to be able to communicate – to understand others and to be understood. We all need to communicate with each other. Imagine how lonely it must be when you don’t understand what the people around you are saying and, no-one understands what you are trying to say? This is how people who are Deaf feel, around those who don’t understand South African Sign Language (SASL). We need to make Sign Language South Africa’s 12th official language, not only for people who are Deaf but for everyone’s benefit,’’ explained Justice Yacoob.

Schools and corporates are encouraged to buy Talk Sign stickers for R10 each and to wear them on Talk Sign Day which is Friday, the 9th of March. A very exciting development is that the Society has just launched their first ever Sign Language guide, Talk Sign 1, that can be ordered for only R165 (plus R60 courier fee).

‘’We are also encouraging people to do an activity on Talk Sign Day to show support for people who are Deaf. Our staff, Deaf clients and Sign Language interpreters are available to do a twenty-minute, interactive presentation at schools and businesses in the lead up to the day. During this presentation, five phrases will be taught in Sign Language,” said Shamila Surjoo, Director of the KZN Blind and Deaf Society.

One of their loyal, ongoing Talk Sign ambassadors is award-winning radio and television celebrity Lloyd Paul, who explains why he is so passionate about the campaign, “I am extremely proud and excited to once again be involved with Talk Sign 2018. The campaign has grown massively since the launch five years ago. Educating and informing our nation on the importance of learning to sign is vital, and people of all ages need to support this awesome campaign. The work never stops in highlighting the need for everyone to Talk in Sign. I enjoy encouraging our people on a national platform through music, radio, television, social media, print media and any form of communication that the time is now to learn Sign Language!”

Said Talk Sign campaign manager, Alice Leah, “We are delighted to once again have Chateau Gateaux on board for Talk Sign 2018! All 11 branches will shortly receive their stock of stickers and you’ll be able to buy yours for only R10 while you indulge in one of their delicious treats. Thanks to Anna Kelly for believing in this campaign, the support is so appreciated. Please buy a sticker and wear it on 9 March to help raise awareness and to promote Sign Language. Visit www.chateaugateaux.co.za to find a branch near you.”

To place a bulk order for stickers to sell at school or work, or to set up a presentation, please contact Chrisantha on 031 – 309 4991, admin3@bdskzn.org.za or visit www.talksign.co.za for more information.

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