06 Jun

As part of Rage Festival’s ongoing evolution, festival founders G&G Productions, have made a seismic announcement: Sound Factory moves to Ballito! 

Sound Factory is the epic epicenter of Rage Festival, one mega-venue that is home to everything the festival represents: the biggest parties, the best international and local DJ’s, unforgettable experiences, state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology, world-class production and activations across four stages over four nights.

As the festival’s flagship venue, it’s essential that Sound Factory is located in the best, safest and most accessible place possible. For the last four years, it was located next to Kings Park Stadium in Durban.

Ballito, however, is where Sound Factory began and it’s fitting that this mega-venue returns to its origin. Moreover, the move brings many benefits to Rage-goers.

Rage Festival organisers regularly survey past attendees to understand their experiences at the festival and learn from them so they can continually adapt, enhance and improve for the coming year. One important take-out was the location and accessibility of Sound Factory.

The move to Ballito means Sound Factory will now be closer to the two festival hubs, Ballito and Umhlanga, where the bulk of Ragers stay and party over the nine days. Transport will be cheaper as distances between Sound Factory, Rage’s club venues and accommodation will be closer (travel time to Sound Factory will now be 10 minutes from Ballito’s La Montagne hotel and 25 minutes from Umhlanga Sands Hotel, where before it was 45 minutes from Ballito and 20 minutes from Umhlanga). The new location is safer and overall a much better venue, set amidst the rolling hills of Ballito, it’s more suitable for an outdoor festival, which Ragers have been asking for.

“We have being looking to move Sound Factory back to Ballito for the last couple of years,” says Will McIntyre, Rage Festival Director, “but we couldn’t find a space in Ballito that was suitable, until now. Being next to the stadium in Durban gave us the opportunity to expand Sound Factory’s footprint and experiment with new formats, stages and layouts, so that when we move to the new location we’ll really be able to give Ragers to best, most incredible Sound Factory experience to date.”

Find out more about Sound Factory at https://ragefestival.co.za/sound-factory/

The four stages include:

Samsung Electronica Stage: EDM, Progressive House, Commercial House, Melbourne Bounce, Psy Trance, Electronic Live.

Beat Burra: Tech House, Techno, Deep Tech, Drum & Base.

Red Square Base Bin: Hip Hop, Trap, Afro House.

Acoustic Stage: Live acoustic.

Rage Festival is about creating memories, finding yourself, breaking free, having the time of your life with friends and living moments that will stay with you forever. Don’t miss your week of freedom. Passports, tickets and unforgettable memories are just a click away: https://ragefestival.co.za/

Rage Festival passports and tickets are strictly for sale to person who will be 18 and over at the sale of the commencement of Rage Festival 2018.


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