20 Jun

Small pockets of sardines, commonly referred to as “pilot shoals” have made an appearance between Mfazazana (just to the north of Hibberdene) and Margate on the lower south coast of KZN.

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According to Mike Anderson-Reade, Head of Operations at the KZN Sharks Board, water visibility in the area was fairly poor, however sardines are visible when they make the surface. Netting has taken place at Hibberdene; the first net out consisted of 25 baskets. Other netters are attempting to net sardines at Banana beach and Hibberdene, said Anderson-Reade. No bird activity was reported with these shoals.

Meet KZN’s Mr Shark, Mike Anderson-Reade. Sardine run in pictures.

About 500 common dolphins moved through the Margate area early this morning. There appears to be a number of sharks in among the sardines, however these are not easily identified due to the poor water visibility.

Anderson-Reade said that this was not the main shoal of sardines expected for the sardine run. The water visibility is fairly good from Ifafa, north so as the fish move further northwards they should become more visible to the public.

All shark safety gear has been removed from Umgababa south. Beachgoers on the south coast of KZN are advised to consult with the lifeguards before entering the water.

Information for updates available on the Sardine Hotline 083 913 9495.

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