16 Dec

I Care, a local NPO that helps give street children a future, has received many calls over the last few days regarding a young boy begging at the traffic lights on the corner of M4 and Argyle Road.

He stands naked, but with a yellow or orange plastic bag wrapped around him. I Care knows this boy very well and have worked with him extensively in the past. He looks to be about 12 – 14 years of age, but in actual fact he is 22 years old. He has just been discharged from a TB hospital after having spent 4 months receiving treatment (I Care organised this).I Care have once again removed him from the streets, taken him to their centre in Greyville, showered, clothed and fed, and taken him back to his family. WhenI Care  met with him this morning, he told us he is “used” by 4 older boys that take most of the money he gains from begging. I Care have dealt with these boys as well.

So again, I Care pleads with the public not to give these street children any money as it only enables, encourages and prolongs their stay on the streets.

For more information about the work that I Care does in Durban, visit http://icare.co.za

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