03 Aug
The Watershed Moment

It couldn’t be a more apt name. Watershed: an event or period that is important because it represents a big change in how people do or think about something. The Watershed Cafe, Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estates’ fresh, new, youthful meet-up place with a mouth-watering menu and wine list to match, represents a surge of renewed energy that changes everything and everyone

You can feel the difference before you step inside. Or out. It’s reinvented itself, with a thoroughly contemporary indoor-outdoor look, feel and flow, and a host of fresh, dedicated professionals determined that Mount Edgecombe residents won’t want to eat, drink or be anywhere else. From dawn to dusk, The Watershed Cafe is a hive of edible, audible activity, with aromas to match your mood.

Freshly baked goods daily, sizzling hot pizzas out the wood-fired pizza oven, milkshakes you’ve only ever dreamed of, and cocktails to get every evening off to a good start. Take a peek in the display fridge, and see how easy it’ll be to ignore the mouth-watering, ever-changing array of pastries, brownies, cakes and desserts. No one’s on diet here.

The Watershed Cafe’s menu is certainly a delightful local cafe one, yet this youthful team have added a twist to the ordinary, a kick to the expected. To say they spent time curating the perfect menu would be an understatement, but with a team who brings a diverse range of skills, talents, even continents to the table, it was always going to be a wonderfully collaborative effort.

The Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estates’ Culinary Team comprises Head Chef Steven Crawford, Food and Beverage Manager Gareth Fergusson, and Sous Chef for The Watershed Cafe, Nicolette Killian. Nicolette’s portfolio describes her voyage of discovery from underground pubs in Scotland, to pastas at top Italian restaurants in New York, to pastry and chocolatier work in London. She’s a family girl, who believes that great moments happen over the meal table … and she’s convinced that The Watershed Cafe will be proof of that pudding: “A place where residents and members will gather together to celebrate life over good, wholesome food and wine overlooking the tranquil dam and fairways of Mount Edgecombe Estate Two.”

Head Chef Steven Crawford – ex-Beverley Hills Hotel Chef – loves the idea of a relaxed cafe menu, but with a healthy, modern take. The Watershed Cafe is your go-to bistro on the corner, where you’re guaranteed the best, freshest ingredients … at an affordable price. This is a club-based restaurant, so you’re not paying restaurant prices here – come in and see for yourself.

Another magical plus is the bakery. A night baker – known as the Graveyard Baker – works while you sleep, so fresh breads and pastries are hot out the oven as the sun rises. Rye bread, ciabatta, baguettes and croissants – ready for you to grab and go.

The Watershed Cafe is a cafe, a bakery, a bistro, a gourmet pub … you name it … it’ll be whatever you want it to be. The menu will lean towards family fare, but the constantly changing array of superb finer-dining “specials” will raise the bar, and satisfy those with a taste for something a little extra-ordinary.

A Pierre Jourdan Popsicle? Sure, how many? Or would you prefer a Pina Colada or a Baileys Ice Coffee? Just say milkshake to Gareth Fergusson, Food and Beverage Manager. They come in alcoholic shapes, and indulgent shakes … like the Chocolate Brownie Milkshake dripping in chocolate sauce.

Nothing will be as it seems – there’s a wonderful element of surprise, so if you’re looking to satisfy every member of the family, The Watershed Cafe is destined to become your second home. And right next door, two private function rooms for intimate or special occasions … whether it’s a conference, a breakfast get-together or a lunch meeting, you have delectable fare on tap from The Watershed Cafe, an easily accessible, stylish and private little venue, and it’s a stone’s throw from your home.

The Watershed Cafe. Your local bistro with a tasty twist, perfect for work or play.

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