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Focus on iThemba
18 Dec
Three goodwill organisations to give back to this holiday season.
17 Aug
The official opening ceremony of Bright Zondi’s crèche, Siyabaphephisa, in Molweni on Monday 31 July was a festive and poignant occasion.
07 Jul
What if we’re unintentionally contributing to the dread that many NPOs feel in the run-up to Mandela Day?
08 Dec
Setzkorn makes Compass Cares' 'Cats of Durban' calendar a reality
Jennifer Higgs Careerlinx Director
04 Aug
Careerlinx, an innovative non-profit organization is appealing to both individuals and companies to take a stand and make a difference when it comes to...
16 Dec
I Care asks that you don't give street children any money as it only enables, encourages and prolongs their stay on the streets.
13 Mar
Klokkies travels with the sharks.
Out-of-the-Blue animal shelter is giving dozens of animals a better life
19 Feb
Your contribution could help this inspirational team give dozens of animals a better life
28 Sep
The Valley Trust has been recognised for strong programme implementation and financial reporting following a year of great change