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03 Jul
Elizabeth Moore writes about our very own Durban food paradise.
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28 May
Elizabeth Moore highlights some of the reasons why we live in our own little piece of Heaven here on the Ridge.
03 Sep
After a lengthy operation to free The Phoenix from the rocks yesterday evening and this morning, the 164m vessel has finally been removed from...
02 Sep
Friday's the day when salvage teams and maritime operators hope to move The Phoenix ship from Sheffield Beach.
01 Sep
Efforts to remove the stricken vessel, The Phoenix, from Sheffield Beach continue, and drew quite a crowd to the north coast this weekend.
16 Aug
As authorities ponder what to do about the tanker The Phoenix, which lies stricken at Sheffield Beach, I have the perfect solution. Why not...
08 Aug
The controversy surrounding The Phoenix, beached at Sheffield Beach, continues, and there's no immediate solution in sight.
The Phoenix aground on the KZN coast
31 Jul
Hundreds of visitors have flocked to Sheffield Beach to see the ship that's been stranded on the coastline since extreme weather last week
26 Jul
The Phoenix remains stranded at Sheffield Beach. Read on for pics, video and full report.