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To function as an administrative support person as an Executive Secretary or PA of an Executive Manager in a dynamic, global environment requires a comprehensive portfolio of knowledge, skills, and behavior. To achieve functional excellence therefore demands management of the internal and external boundaries that affect the emotional, relational, and performance aspects of your role. This course delivers on all three.

There is an interdependence between a secretary’s performance and a manager’s collaboration and communication. It is strongly recommended that the manager(s) complete the Needs Development Analysis prior to the secretary attending. This targets the training, serves as a valuable post-training integration of learning, as well as a performance evaluation assessment. The return on investment is optimised.

Course content:

Emotional Excellence

  • Build self-love, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-confidence with improved focus on outcomes that achieve these critical elements of emotional excellence in each of your four life zones.
  • Cope effectively with work and home stress by applying five valuable stress mastery skills.

Relational Excellence

  • Manage your personal and interpersonal boundaries with people smart skills
  • Target the six tried and tested assertion skills to your unique needs for maintaining focus, dealing with criticism, and fostering open and honest communication in the workplace.

Performance Excellence

  • Create your own career development plan with insights from the four quadrants of the self-governance model.
  • Enhance your rapport with the business world with an understanding of what’s happening at the micro and macro level of the environment of business.
  • Add value to your immediate manager(s), colleagues, and business unit by liberating your service excellence skills.
  • Optimise the tools beneath your fingertips for increased productivity for keyboarding, writing and receiving e-mails and for productive work-flow and records management.
  • Project a positive and professional image on the telephone.
  • Take charge of your time and of your workstation with a choice of techniques that work for you.
  • Apply best documentation practices for expressing the voice of your organisation.

About the Facilitator: Tertia Borgelt

Tertia has been researching, developing, and presenting her own training programmes since 1981. From the well-spring of her own energy she has been able to enthuse thousands of working men and women to direct their own energies toward personal effectiveness and the mature management of work expectations. Her programmes have always been designed to grow the whole person, not just the role.

Tertia has kept abreast of the changing business environment. She constantly develops and adapts material that is relevant to the dynamics of the business and its people. Her training material is customised to promote her client’s brand, values, and strategies.

16 & 17 August 2016 | 08:00 – 16:00


Members: R1 700 | Non Members: R2 200

Venue: Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Conference Centre,

Lion Match Office Park, 892 Umgeni Road Google Map

NB: For enquiries only contact Prudence Sakala on 031 335 1000

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