26 Jul
Focus on iThemba

The beauty of Mandela Day lies in the unreserved expression of unconditional kindness.

This Mandela Day, Focus on iThemba, a local Non-profit organisation based in Hillcrest, joined together with several of their valued donors and partners to bring contagious joy to the lives of many children in three of the Pre-Schools they support in the Valley of 1000 Hills. Time was spread across the three schools with each organisation offering their hearts and hands to making a significant difference & lasting impact. Initiatives varied from building a new bike track, creating a sensory pathway for the learners to develop and stimulate their senses, feeding little tummies and minds, to creating a ‘green-friendly’ environment that stimulates, inspires, and nurtures potential.


Pop over to http://www.focusonithemba.org/testimoniesstories-to-be-told/ to read more about these life-changing initiatives and the value in coming together to make a positive difference, however small the act.


Focus on iThemba – Pre-School Upgrade Project

Project Joy Update:

Project Joy:  a story of hope come to life, a dream that was realized and a transformation that has altered the course of many futures. Local Non-profit organization, Focus on iThemba, has been involved in supporting Entokozweni Pre-School, one of their ten partnering Pre-schools, for the past couple of years with a much needed structural upgrade. What was a long two-year journey has now become a flagship moment in the history of the school’s life as they schedule to welcome the learners into their new school on the 1st of August 2019. To find out more about Project Joy’s Metamorphic journey, visit http://www.focusonithemba.org.





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