15 Dec

The central island of Hillcrest’s Old Main Road is dotted with Erythrina, or coral trees, which produce a beautiful red blossom in early spring, but their roots also lift the paving, creating a rather unsightly effect.

Award-winning landscape designer Miles Steenhuisen of Mass Landscapes took the initiative to upgrade the area around one of these trees as a gift to Hillcrest, and has invited local businesses to get involved to extend the project along the whole of Old Main Road. Using his trademark indigenous planting and hard landscaping, Miles has created an attractive feature around the tree, which is located near Hillcrest KwikSpar.

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Hillcrest could become the most beautiful town in SA,” says Marge Mitchell from Keep Hillcrest Beautiful Association, “but it would take a community effort.”

Each spot costs R12 000 or roughly R375 per m2. Donors will receive a tax exempt receipt and publicity along the route.

To find out how you can get involved, contact Marge Mitchell 083 419 3807;  mmitchell@tiscali.co.za


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