09 Jul
Highbury Preparatory School

Highbury Preparatory School knows boys and celebrates all that it means to be a boy


Here are five ways that Highbury is able to bring out the best in boys:


  1. We have experienced teachers with a passion to teach boys. Our 24 class teachers and 15 specialist teachers have nearly 800 years of teaching experience between them. They know how to establish positive, trusting relationships with the boys in their class and they have learnt to love the exuberant energy of boys!


  1. We use Kinaesthetic and Sensory teaching methods because boys are hard-wired to learn more easily through action than words. Boys are more active and visual by nature, and a boy-centric curriculum engages both their bodies and their minds. Our teachers plan physical activity into classroom time and include lots of action like educational games that use exciting props.


  1. We facilitate “play with a purpose”. Play is an ideal way for boys to learn. For example, a lesson may involve building a catapult to shoot marshmallows, measuring how far they fly and making a bar chart of his results. Boy-centric teaching in action!


  1. We offer early intervention for Learning Support. Boys are more likely than girls to experience barriers to learning. Our Learning Support Centre caters from Grades 1 to 4 with small classes (8-12 boys) and remedial qualified teachers. Our LAD Centre also offers private therapists for one-on-one support.


  1. We provide a strong ethical foundation for boys. Highbury is a Christian school and we teach our boys Christian morals and values through daily chapel services. Our “Culture of Honour” is based on the work of Stephen Covey, and this underpins every facet of school life.


Primary school is of primary importance. Research shows the crucial years for learning are the early years, and that academic performance is set between the ages of six and 10 years old. Here at Highbury we strive to enable every boy to fulfil his potential, while having a lot of active fun along the way!


Knowing Boys. Since 1903.

To book a private tour of Highbury contact marketing@hps.co.za or 031 765 9800

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