24 Dec
Dealing with year end stress with thrive

With another busy year almost behind us, there’s no sign of things letting up, so here’s how to get through to 2017 without falling apart.

– Acknowledge your feelings – the holiday season may not always be a joyful time, particularly if you have lost someone close to you. It’s okay to express your feelings even if they are not in sync with everyone else around you.

– Be realistic – holidays don’t have to be perfect. As families change and grow, traditions and rituals often change as well. Be open to creating new ones.

– Plan your time and budget – decide ahead of time what you will spend on gifts, entertainment, etc and which parties you will be attending. Overstretching yourself creates a lot of additional stress.

– Get enough sleep – this is usually the first thing to go, so make sure you are getting close to eight hours a night. It will enable the body to rejuvenate and cope better.

– Exercise – sticking to an exercise routine will help combat stress and sluggishness that tends to come with all those extra festivities.

– Eat healthy foods regularly to maintain blood glucose levels, and fill up on nutritious foods before climbing into those indulgent snacks.

– Limit your caffeine intake.

– Avoid excessive alcohol intake and the downhill depressive slump it can cause.

– Learn relaxation techniques – keeping cortisol levels in check will help your immune system.

– Use supplements, where necessary. There are many options available at Thrive to help cope with stress, sleeplessness and anxiety. Valerian, milk thistle, rhodiola and vitamin C are some of the natural supplements that could benefit you.

Thrive offers many wellness products and health foods that will set you up for a happy and healthy holiday season. Pop in to see the organic, natural and local produce on offer.

Thrive is the new name for National Road, Pharmacy, 1 Natalia Terrace, Charles Way, Kloof

031 764 0311

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