04 Jul
Calli & Co

Hillcrest-based friends Candice Larsson and Gillian Zietsman are passionate about saving the environment, and recently started Calli & Co to create eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products.

“We found that all these products on the market were either way too expensive, not readily available, or in plastic bottles,” says Candice. “There are incredible natural ingredients that not only do the same thing as nasty chemicals, but actually perform better and have no side effects,” adds Gillian.

The affordable products, which come in glass bottles, are easy to use, food grade safe and 100% local. Once you’ve run out, you can refill your original bottle or get a discount bringing your old bottle back.

One of the main ingredients in the Super Cleaner, used to kill bacteria, is oxygen – which also benefits the water as it runs down the drain, makes your stainless steel extra sparkly and kills mould. The main ingredient in the Everyday Cleaner is clove oil, which among other benefits has incredible anti-oxidant properties and helps boost your immune system. Then there’s the Mould Buster – which works by killing the root of the spore and preventing it from growing back.

Available at Good Source, Hillcrest, Peels Honey Shop, Assagay, Home Grown, Ballito and House of Braco, Durban – or directly through www.calliandco.com


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