10 Jul
The team from NETCONFIG

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Network Configurations


NETCONFIG has become one of the most successful IT companies in KZN, and would like to acknowledge the support they’ve received from over 200 clients spread throughout Africa – many of whom have been with the company for more than 15 years.

In 1999 during the Y2k bubble burst, when many IT companies were floundering and the world thought computers where going to crash globally, NETCONFIG was born. Iain Emerson, founder and Managing Director, was caught up in the bubble with a Gauteng-based company that liquidated, resulting in him heading home to Durban.

The company started in Iain’s sister’s rented house with only five members of staff, and eventually moved into Iain’s cottage – where boxes served as chairs for clients. Suppliers sat in the garden with an exercise book as NETCONFIG’s helpdesk system. Machines were built at night with family members helping out. Growth happened, business boomed and their next move was to Surrey Park, before finally settling into their new home in 2015 – at 28 Essex Terrace, which now houses 75 dedicated staff.

Erica Floweday joined the team in 2003 as Operations Director, converting boxes into chairs and implementing sound business systems. “It’s all about networking, connecting people and enabling them to function in a world that can be extremely complicated to navigate. Creating a business isn’t about how much money you raise or the path you take to get there. It’s about being in it for the long haul and remaining disciplined and capital efficient. It’s about building a real business with real customers, to create the only thing that matters in the end: value for everyone involved.”

In 2016, Wayne Erradu was appointed Technical Director to mentor the technical team and fulfil the technology goals of the business. “I joined the team in 2012 as a junior. When I was appointed director, my ultimate goal was reached and I have found my strategic importance within the business – as well as myself. I continue to look forward to actively contribute to new technologies that can aid our business and our customers,” says Wayne, adding that the real secret to NETCONFIG’s success is that both Erica and Iain bring dynamics from different angles and ultimately fight it out for what’s best for the customer. “I call them the Ying and the Yang of the business. Such different personalities who want the same thing, but from different perspectives. It has been amazing to watch and learn from them.”

With two branches in Durban and Johannesburg, along with infrastructure company SIYAXHUMA and online training and development company The Lime Lab, NETCONFIG strive to exceed their clients’ expectations by leveraging technology and focusing on these core areas:


  • IT Services and Support
  • Cloud Services and Software Solutions
  • Networking, Cabling and Wireless, CCTV
  • Custom Microsoft Office & Office 365 Training
  • Development and Business Intelligence


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