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Waterfall Schools is based on the bright and spacious iThemba Campus in Hillcrest, just five minutes from Watercrest Mall. This trio of Christian, independent schools (incorporating Waterfall Pre- Primary, Waterfall Preparatory and Waterfall College) provides a holistic educational journey from 12 months to Matric, where passionate staff support young people to realise their self-worth.

“Having our children on one campus has been convenient, but having all four kids laughing and happy in the car on the way to school is proof enough for me that this is the right place for them,” says parent Melissa Von Brughan.

The past four years have seen dramatic change on the iThemba Campus, with spacious classrooms, sports fields and a netball/basketball court being built. The Insele Trail provides a fantastic setting for early morning runs, MTB Club adventures and for lessons to come alive.

Pre-Primary learners will soon also be able to explore an interactive sensory path, developed by Eloise Croucamp.

The latest developments include eight new classrooms for the College and an expanded media centre. “God has blessed us beyond our imaginations and we believe that we have been called to make an impact in children’s lives,” says College Principal Jeanette van der Merwe.

With grades reaching a maximum of 48 children, from 000 to Matric, children are truly seen and appreciated for who they are.

“We are constantly in awe of our school’s growth and the support from our families as we work hand in hand together,” says Pre-Primary Principal Paula Mason. “We have a passionate team and are focused on nourishing this through workshops and team-building events.”

The Pre-Primary’s community connection has been fruitful this year, as they welcomed two new children to Grade 000 as part of Focus on iThemba’s iThemba Scholars programme. “It has been wonderful to witness the growth in these children, and we look forward to welcoming more iThemba Scholars in 2020 and beyond,” Mason continued.

Responsible stewardship is a key driver for Waterfall Schools and it was with much excitement that the Pre-Primary recently installed 64 solar panels. This is part of a campus-wide goal to reduce the carbon footprint and demonstrate the importance of recycling, conserving power and appreciating our environment.

Teachers at Waterfall Preparatory strive to help children find their own place in the world, making personal connection a priority. “We intentionally ask ‘why’ to traditional systems and structures, and we are committed to doing things differently, if we believe this will be of benefit to our pupils,” says Preparatory Principal Brad Cooper.

The Prep curriculum is based on the CAPS framework, which teachers build on to enhance the learning environment. This is done in a way that suits the emotional development of each age group and with the IEB Matric exams in mind.

“We make a conscious effort to measure everything we do in terms of its intended benefit to the child. From our choice of words to what we incorporate into our classrooms, we work to create a peaceful atmosphere where children can thrive,” says Lorraine Benn, head of the Intermediate Phase.

Sport is not compulsory in the Prep, but all children are encouraged to embrace an active lifestyle, with a range of extra-murals on offer. This year, teams took part in a number of local sports leagues, while children also enjoyed school events, including a walkathon and family soccer day.

As one of the smallest high schools in the area, the College has made an impressive impact in its 15-year history. From 2020, EGD (Engineering Graphics and Design) will be available, along with 15 other IEB subjects in the CAPS-accredited curriculum. These include languages, mathematics, the sciences, consumer studies, design, drama, accounting and business studies.

Students use Chromebooks, giving them access to the Google Classroom suite of integrative apps. “Experienced teachers who motivate students to achieve their personal best play a significant role in maintaining high academic standards, and we aim to continue our record of 100% IEB Matric pass,” says Vivienne Lamplough, College Head of Academics.

Staff partner with parents to guide students in developing their sense of self, encouraging them to be calm under pressure, think creatively and draw on their faith to find strength. Service and leadership are key, giving our teens the opportunity to stretch themselves and connect with the wider community.

There is limited space available across Waterfall Schools for 2020. To find out more or to arrange a tour, call 031 710 1808 or email hello@waterfallschools.co.za.


iThemba Campus, 111 Ngwele Road, Hillcrest; www.waterfallschools.co.za



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