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Juli-Ann Riley always knew she wanted to help people. With a strong interest in medicine she searched for something hands- on within the field, and found her calling within physiotherapy. She started practising in 2000, and is particularly interested in women’s health and orthopaedic manual therapy – which includes spinal problems, pinched nerves, headaches, jaw pain, muscle and joint problems, sports injuries etc.

Three years ago the business was split into Juli-Ann Riley Physiotherapists at Femina Health in Kloof, and Riley Physiotherapists Inc. The latter is now back at the Gillitts Medical Centre.

When the business split, Candice Rommers came onboard as Juli-Ann’s right-hand woman at Riley Physiotherapists. “Everyone loves her, she has the patience of a saint,” says Juli-Ann. Candice does a lot on the geriatric side of things, with home visits and time spent at retirement homes Rob Roy and Le Domaine. “I love working with older people, they are full of stories,” smiles Candice, who gets a great sense of fulfilment helping people in pain. Candice also has a strong focus on rehabilitation – whether it be after injury or surgery.

“It is so rewarding to relieve suffering,” says Juli-Ann, who also treated horses for 15 years and is involved in rescuing and fostering dogs. “I am in trouble with my husband, as I have ended up keeping five of the dogs,” she laughs.

Juli-Ann really enjoys challenging cases that are hard to diagnose. “We make sure we spend sufficient time with our patients to really get the full story and understand what’s behind the pain – addressing underlying problems. We bridge the gap between doctor and patient.”

“Providing a holistic approach when it comes to getting patients pain free, we aim at preventing it from happening again,” adds Candice.

Both ladies are very excited about where they are right now. “We work so well together and between us cover anything and everything a patient needs,” smiles Juli-Ann.

When not at work, Juli-Ann can be found on the beach or paddling at Shongweni Dam – she has two Dusis, a double and a single, under her belt already. Candice loves her home, where she gets creative baking and sewing. She also loves yoga and spending time with her animals.

Riley Physiotherapists holds Physio Pilates classes, modified for people with problems, on Mondays and Thursdays. Candice can also do one-on-one Pilates sessions.

RILEY PHYSIOTHERAPISTS INC. The Gillitts Medical Centre, 15 Old Main Road, Gillitts; 031 764 2750; info@rileyphysios.co.za

JULI-ANN RILEY PHYSIOTHERAPISTS Femina Health, 75 Old Main Road, Kloof; 031 767 3989; info@jarphysios.co.za

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