Doody Adams, General Manager and Group Editor

Doody was once in IT and banking, but has spent most of her working life within media publishing. A farm girl from the Eastern Cape, she has a healthy obsession with running and would be a travel blogger if she had more time on her hands. She loves spending time with her family, playing golf and cooking. Doody is proud of her team who works hard and love what they do. “Famous Publishing is a creative space that delivers results and our brands create value for our customers.”

Kyle Griffin, Creative Director

Kyle is a master at graphic design. We don’t know how he does it all, and we would be lost without him. His experience includes everything print to title design for National Geographic, and when he is not creating classy designs or spending time with his family and friends, he surfs. And surfs. And surfs. Even though he is terrified of sharks. If we didn’t keep him so busy at Famous Publishing, he would be keeping bees or brewing beer.

Mphumzeni Thusi, Distribution Supervisor

Mphumzeni sleeps with his eyes open. Literally. When he is awake, he is responsible for getting all our fabulous titles out where they belong. And when he has time off, he values family – playing soccer and cooking with his kids. Mphumzeni would be a car mechanic if he wasn’t working with us, but admits he loves his colleagues and being part of the Famous Publishing team.

Meghan Dewet, Accounts Supervisor

Meghan has a degree in Finance Management and handles all our account-related needs. Meghan previously finished a diploma in Clothing Production Management and then her passion for the ocean led her to 15 adventurous and wonderful years in the scuba diving industry (not before she jumped out of a couple of planes). Once her son was in primary school she thought that it might be a good idea to do some “adulting” and while employed in the finance department of a large company, she completed a degree in Finance Management. She’s now happily working with a fantastic, professional and creative team at Famous Publishing.

Jenni McCallum, Sales Consultant

Jenni McCallum is KZN INVEST’s sales chief. She is an entrepreneur and energetic businesswoman. Her approach to life is characterised by vigour and verve. Jenni has a decade-long history in the publishing industry. When she is not working she is mom to two twenty-something daughters and is an SA Action Netball coach.

Anneline Domnick, Sales Consultant

Annie has been in customer relations and sales for a long time, and loves being part of the Famous Publishing team – where she feels everyone is an individual and equally respected. Annie enjoys a good braai and binge-watching series, as well as helping people and animals in need. She would open a home for rescued animals if she had the chance to, and is happiest when supporting her kids on the sports field.

Lynda Kapsimalis, Sales Consultant

Lynda has a background in textile design, function co-ordinating and sales. She is still multi-tasking within those fields, it keeps her on her toes. Lynda is driven by our dynamic team and has an obsession with succeeding, but also strives to bring peace and harmony to all situations. When she is not hustling for new clients, she loves lying on the couch with her dog.

Greg Ardé, KZN Invest Editor

Greg clings to the notion of justice in an unjust world. He has been a journalist for 30 years – covering social issues, business and politics – and is passionate about learning, exploring and storytelling. When he is not working, Greg enjoys hikes in the countryside – walking and talking to people. After writing 3 biographies, he’s now keen to have a crack at a novel. Greg is obsessed with recycling and claims he can do accents. Badly.

Lorna King, The Ridge Editor and Production Editor

Lorna loves lists and meticulously makes sure everything runs smoothly at Famous Publishing. She has done anything and everything on magazines since back in the days when the postal system worked, the typewriter was the tool of the trade, and load shedding was not even on our radar. Lorna loves parking off with a glass of red wine, chocolate and some more chocolate. If not in magazines, she would look at being an air traffic controller, and she is happiest when her son is visiting from Hong Kong.

Katrine Anker-Nilssen, The Crest Editor

Katrine has been in journalism, editing and translation for 15 years. She grew up in Norway, but says that once Africa is in your heart, she is hard to leave. Katrine loves all the inspiring people she meets through gathering stories, and is proud of what our small team manages to achieve. She is happiest out in nature with animals, and would be a wildlife vet if she had the opportunity. Katrine loves exercising and chocolate, and her daughter’s imagination puts a smile on her face every day.

Sarah Mackintosh, Online Editor

Sarah was born and bred in Durban and has worked in the media for the past 20 years. Formerly the editor of Mum’s Mail magazine, Sarah joined the Famous Publishing team in 2021 to look after all our online platforms. She loves the outdoors and when she’s not working, you will find her exploring all that KZN has to offer with her family.